multi-tenant services

Increase the value of your residential multi-tenant building by installing Fiber-to-the-Home.

Fiber to the premises (FTTP) in multi-tenant commercial buildings is an amenity or feature of property that will certainly work to attract or retain commercial and retail tenants. Most companies in growing economies, such as Indianapolis, are looking for ways to gain better connectivity at lower rates. Here in Indianapolis, we feel the the business community is under-served for the following reasons:

  1. Access to Fiber-based Internet services are generally unavailable
  2. If fiber-based Internet services are available, the installation and monthly service charges are cost prohibitive

Because of these reasons, the incumbent service providers say there is no demand and therefore are not incentivized to provide the service at attainable rates. Conversely, the business community cannot justify the high-cost that the service providers are offering for the service and therefore do not purchase the service. FiberX intends to break up this stalemate.

Get your commercial building on-net with Xiber

FTTH adds value. MDU property owners and property managers are well aware of the importance of broadband as an amenity. In a 2012 RVA survey, most said superior broadband was an important advantage in terms of marketing, occupancy or tenant satisfaction. About half the respondents said they were interested in installing fiber to the home in new or existing communities, a higher percentage than was even aware of FTTH at the beginning of the survey.

At no cost to the building owner, Xiber will install fiber-optic infrastructure in your qualified multi-tenant commercial building to support high-capacity Internet service at market disruptive pricing. Using a combination of dark-fiber and/or fixed wireless technology, our goal is to bring the same level of connectivity enjoyed by other cities that have wide spread deployment of gigabit ethernet technology.